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NEWSFLASH: 11/26/07

Publisher Lighthouse Interactive acquires ‘WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs Tiger’.

Haarlem, The Netherlands – November 26, 2007 – Leading Publisher Lighthouse Interactive is proud to announce that it has acquired the PAN European publishing rights to Russian Publisher IDDK and Russian developer G5's highly anticipated simulation game ‘WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs Tiger’. Scheduled to release in Q1 2008 on the PC, this highly realistic WW2 Tank simulation game will allow players to experience the power of some of the most advanced weaponry of its time and battle the enemy head on during some of the most critical campaigns of World War 2.

Steve Wall, Vice President Business Development for Lighthouse Interactive said: “We are very excited to be publishing ‘WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger’ throughout Europe. This is truly the most immersive World War 2 tank simulation available to date.” He went on to say, “The development team has created something special with their attention to detail in all aspects of the game. The combination of gorgeous graphics, realistic physics models, interactive environments and deep and engrossing gameplay is sure to satisfy the most ardent gamer.”

Dmitry Demenchoock Head of Games for IDDK said “Our developer G5 Software, ourselves, our volunteer testers and consultants from around the world have put a tremendous amount of effort and passion into creating ‘WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger’. A game of this kind requires specialized publishing and promotion abilities from a publisher. Experience, professionalism and real passion for the game are what is required. This describes Lighthouse Interactive perfectly and is why we think that Lighthouse Interactive was the ideal choice for us and we are pleased to be working with them.”

Game summary

The tank simulation ‘WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger’ takes place in Belarus during the summer of 1944, in which the Soviet Union launched “Operation Bagration”, the Belarusian offensive, against the retreating German Wehrmacht. After Kursk, this was the most significant struggle of the two tank armies and resulted in the complete destruction of the German Army Group Center and the Soviet recapture of all territories within their 1941 borders.

The player can experience the battlefield from within the Russian T-34 and the German “Tiger”, with fully animated 3D interiors and playable Driver, Gunner and Commander positions. The tanks’ dynamics include realistic physics, accurate ballistics and elaborate damage models. Interior models feature historically accurate gun-sight optics.

The vast Belarusian landscape of the early 20th century, with its rolling hills, villages and large forests was carefully recreated from historical reference photos and maps. The rich battlefield environment includes AI controlled Russian and German tanks, infantry, armored-personnel-carriers, anti-tank-guns and airplanes.

Stunning special effects, such as explosions, fires and smoke, the ability to completely destroy vehicles and buildings, all combine to create a lifelike combat environment. The action can be viewed from various camera angles in first or third person view.

‘WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger’ includes two single-player campaigns and two multiplayer modes (skirmish and team-play) for LAN and Internet play for up to 16 players.


• German and Russian Campaign missions are based on “Operation Bagration”, the codename for the Soviet Belarusian Offensive during World War II.
• Playable tanks: The Russian T-34/85 and the German Sd.Kfz. 181 "Tiger" Ausf. E.
• Control your tank from fully modelled and animated 3D positions. (driver, gunner and commander).
• “Napalm Engine” 3D technology allows for impressive effects, such as dynamic shadows, self shading, bump mapping, specular maps, glow and bloom.
• Stunning graphics and huge realistic landscapes to explore.
• Interactive environment with various levels of destruction: Buildings, trees and vehicles can be damaged or destroyed by cannon, MG fire or ramming attacks.
• AI controlled vehicles include: T-34/85, T-34/76, Tiger, Sk.Kfz.251, M3A1,ZIS-5, Opel Blitz, ZIS-3, Pak. 40, IL-2, FW-190.
• Multiplayer options include: LAN and Internet play for up to 16 players; Two multiplayer modes: Skirmish and TeamPlay.
• The game is GameSpy Arcade ready for online multi-player sessions and uses DirectPlay (tm) technology for direct IP multi-player connections via LAN and Internet.
• “TrackIR (tm)” support immerses the player in hands-free first person views for all available crew positions.

For more information on ‘WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs Tiger’ and to keep up with the latest breaking news, visit www.lighthouse-interactive.com



NEWSFLASH: 5/20/06

Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank Command Goes Gold

Command your Platoon of Tanks and Complete the Mission!

Software publisher Strategy First Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings, Ltd. (Nasdaq: SSTR), and Developer Crazy House are pleased to announce that "Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank Command" has gone gold, and will be released across North America on May 24th, 2006.

Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank Command has been dubbed "one of the most demolishing combat games", which encourages players to use their command and strategy skills to battle their way to victory.

"Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank Command places you in control of 3 of the heaviest metal beasts to have ever graced the ranks of the infamous Russian steel legion! With all the detail and precision of a hardcore simulator, it is truly amazing how easy it is to pick up the game and to be barreling across the battlefield with cannons blazing right out of the box, said Jay Podilchuk, Executive Producer at Strategy First Inc. "Of course you might have to learn a thing or two about barrel wear and droop; the tank commander’s equivalent to performance anxiety."

About Iron Warrior: T-72 Tank Command

The most destructive mechanized armor to ever roll onto a battlefield is brought to life in Iron Warriors: T72-Tank Command. This epic combat simulator allows the player to command an entire platoon of tanks and ALL associated support units, or assume the role of any member in a complete tank crew.


Command three of Russia's most devastating and powerful tanks ever produced; the T-34-85, T-55A and T-72B!

Roll mechanized monsters through 18 campaigns, 2 training missions, 5 single player missions, and 3 multiplayer (LAN) missions.

Gives players full control of tank, crew and unit. .

Cooperative multi-player support allows gamers to team up and play different positions within the same tank!

Most realistic terrain maps ever modeled; real weather conditions, destructible terrain, and detailed models.

Ballistics models take into effect: wind, shell aerodynamics, flight characteristics, barrel wear and droop.

Powerful mission editor, map editor, and structure editor included. Ability to modify existing content or create your own.

Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank Command will be available in stores across North America on May 24th, 2006 at a retail price of $39.99. Iron Warriors T-72 Tank Command is rated M for Mature by ESRB.

For more information or to order a copy of Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank Command please visit: http://www.strategyfirst.com/en/games/IronWarrior/


NEWSFLASH: 4/22/06

WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger.

IDDK ( www.games.iddk.ru ) and G5 Software ( www.g5software.com ) announce a new tank simulation to be set during the Second World War.

“WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger” tells the story of the great triumph of the Soviet Army during the summer campaign of 1944. The Soviet Army had won the battle near Kursk, and since that day, German tank forces were retreating. “Operation Bagration” in 1944 was one of the most significant Russian campaigns during the struggle of Soviet and German tanks in Belorussia.

The player will be able to experience “Operation Bagration” in two playable campaigns – a Russian campaign and a German campaign, where he can take control over the Russian T-34 or, respectively, the German Tiger.

The player will be fighting in realistic locations, modeled after the Belorussian landscape of the early 20th century, recreated from hundreds of reference photos and maps. Additionally, the game will feature a realistic combat environment, including infantry, cars, armored personnel-carriers, artillery, aircraft.

The most detailed technical documents available were used to model realistic physics and tank behavior. To model realistic tank movements, the propulsion systems, transmissions and gear-ratios, tank masses, friction and suspensions were taken into consideration. For a realistic gunnery model, the mass of the shell, gravity, and the initial speed of the various ammunition types, as well as the various gunner's sights available, were taken into consideration.

Realistic effects, such as explosions, smoke, destruction of vehicles and buildings are modeled. Tanks (and other objects) can be shot or rammed, displaying different levels of damage. The player can observe the battlefield from both realistically modeled 3D or virtual stations, as well as from third person views and various camera angles.

Napalm Engine technology allows for stunning graphics effects, such as dynamic shadows, self shading, bump mapping, spectacular maps, glow and bloom effects. New technologies used make it possible to stretch the map-size to over 40 square kilometers and set up thousands of trees of the highest level of detail.

Key features:

• Storyline based on the Soviet Army “Bagration” operation in Belorussia in 1944;
• Large scale of available missions;
• Realistic handling and physics;
• Realistic locations depicting Belorussian landscape of the early 20th century;
• Detailed animation of weapons, vehicles and infantry due to NAPALM Engine;
• Realistic combat environments of that time period, including infantry, cars, artillery, aircraft, armored personnel-carriers;
• Playable, detailed 3D crew stations for commander, driver and gunner;
• Non-Linear Mission Structure;
• Various external Views;
• Realistic effects: explosions, smoke, destroyable units;
• Both Internet and LAN Multiplayer Options;

“WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger” is scheduled for release in Q1 of 2007 in Russia.



Strategic Command 2 Goes Gold and Demo released!

Battlefront.com and Fury Software are thrilled to announced that Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg has gone gold. The game will begin shipping once production is complete (within 2 weeks).

To help you count the days until Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg ships, we are pleased to release the new Demo already today. The Demo includes two campaigns, Fall Weserübung (1940) and D-Day (1944) and allows you to play against the computer as either the Allies or Axis.

Download the Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg Demo here.

Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg allows you to rewrite history with 6 full length, open ended campaigns beginning at key stages of World War II. Begin the war from the historical invasion of Poland in 1939, Denmark and Norway in 1940, Russia in 1941, Stalingrad in 1942, the invasion of Sicily by the Allies in 1943 or the epic beach landings of D-Day in 1944. Also included are 5 extra mini-campaigns depicting specific landmark battles such as Kursk, Operation Market-Garden and the Battle of the Bulge. Control the forces of 30 different nations utilizing 16 different unit types including all new ones like Paratroopers, Engineers, Partisans and Amphibious Transports.

Expandability is also the name of the game with Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg as it comes with a full game editor allowing you unprecedented power to create or modify maps, units, countries, diplomacy options, unit production schedules, research technologies and more. You can even use the powerful scripting system to create historical events that can be triggered based on events or game circumstances. An entire game engine is now at your fingertips to control, change and create as you wish!

The original Strategic Command was known for its challenging and cunning A.I. and Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg cranks up the challenge factor even more with the inclusion of an all new diplomacy and counter diplomacy model, expanded capabilities for air, naval and HQ units, dynamic weather, updated tech. research and production levels and many other configurable special rules.

Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg features exceptional single player gaming against the AI as well as a variety of multiplayer options (Hotseat, PBEM, TCP/IP). Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg requires Windows 98, ME, XP or 2000.

About Battlefront.com (www.battlefront.com)
Battlefront.com is an independent, internet-based publisher and developer of superior war and strategy games, and home to one of the world's largest and fastest growing wargaming fan communities!

About Fury Software (www.furysoftware.com)
Fury Software is a young  gaming company that was founded in 1999 by Hubert Cater. Although a newcomer to the war gaming development arena, Hubert gained shook the computer war gaming world with his first professional release Strategic Command European Theater in 2002. That title went on to gain both consumer and critical praise and fostered an enthusiastic player community that has been awaiting his follow-up game with great anticipation. Hubert's mandate has always been commitment to quality from day one. Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg is Fury Software's second game release.


NEWSFLASH: 3/28/06

Iron Warriors: Four bits of artwork

New graphics from the upcoming Black Bean release.


Desert Storm conversion for Battlefield 1942

Frank DeLise and a talented team of artists and programmers have turned the popular BF42 into a modern warfare tank game. You have to play the Desert Combat conversion to truly believe how cool it is. M1A1 Abrams tanks and Apache helos are beautifully modeled. Check it out here: Desert Combat.

Desert Combat is a modern day military modification to the popular war game BattleField1942 from EA. It is focused on conflicts in the middle-east within the last decade between the various nations, From Desert Storm to Somalia. This war game is a total conversion for Battlefield1942 and is based on the same principles of a FPS and arcade style vehicle sim. It will be focused around multiplayer online gameplay and is expected to be free to the public.



The Unofficial Panzer Commander Homepage has shown us some sneak peeks of their Panzer Commander 1.5 upgrade. For the latest news, check it out!


Panzer Commander 1.5




NEWSFLASH: 5/23/02

Tanksim.com's E3 Coverage

America's Army -- The Official US Army Game, designed and developed by the Army. First person shooter perspective, not a tanksim but looks like a neat combat game nonetheless.  Read More

Steel Beasts II -- Strategy First was showing one monitor labeled Steel Beasts II.   Read More



NEWSFLASH: 4/30/02

Steel Beasts Gold Edition ships to stores nationwide

Montreal, Quebec. April 30th, 2002 -- Strategy First and EsimGames announced today that a Special Gold Edition of the award-winning tank simulation, Steel Beasts has shipped to stores nationwide.

Released throughout North America’s retail stores in 2000, Steel Beasts has taken the tank sim community by storm, winning numerous accolades, such as “Best PC Simulation of 2000” from PC Gamer Magazine, Computer Games Magazine and winning numerous Editor’s Choice Awards from various online sites. It is still being used at the US Military Academy (West Point) to help train future armor officers.

As a detailed PC-based simulator of modern mechanized warfare, Steel Beasts centers around two of the world’s most awesome main battle tanks: the US’s M1A1 Abrams, and Germany’s Leopard 2A4. Players can experience all the sights and sounds of modern armored combat from the gunner’s or tank commander’s position, as well as the challenges of tactical planning and decision making from a powerful map view. In addition, multiplayer support allows any mission to be played over a network with any cooperative or competitive style of play, including multiple players in a single tank.

The new and improved features that are included in this Special Steel Beasts Gold Edition are:

- Dramatically improved debriefing phase: better playback features, and ability to view 3D world during debriefing
- Improved low level AI for vehicles and troops
- Added and improved features to make mission creation easier and more powerful (e.g. More events and triggers, nameable events and triggers, customizable ammo load-outs)
- Improved map graphic tools: all map graphics can now be stretched, rotated and flipped with added pre-made square and ellipse map graphics.
- Significantly modified fire control system for the M1A1, based on feedback from master gunners in the US Army
- Improved multiplayer performance
- Improved modeling of rounds
- Revised damage models based on feedback from armor experts
- Improved unit map symbols
- More convenient screenshot tool
- Improved joystick response, and added joystick centering hot keys
- Dozens of missions not included in the original SB, and better organization of missions.

Steel Beasts Gold will be distributed throughout North America by Infogrames. Strategy First is still in negotiations for a European distribution agreement. For more information, contact Stewart Braybrook, Director of European Operations at sbraybrook@strategyfirst.com.

For more information on the game and/or the series, log onto www.esimgames.com or www.strategyfirst.com.


NEWSFLASH: 12/20/01

We just found an online multiplayer tank game at www.flyordie.com called, TANX. Looks like an easy and fun way to spend a few hours blasting away at other players.



NEWSFLASH: 11/26/01


After the release in November 1999 Panzer Elite sold quite well. As the original publisher closed its doors the game was sold out, never being reprinted ... until now. We are proud to announce that our mother company JoWooD bought back the rights and we are re-releasing Panzer Elite, now called Panzer Elite Special Edition (GOLD), beginning of December 2001.

The new release will have the latest version 1.1 on the CD, and a free bonus CD containing the wonderful work of our mod community. This means over 100 new tanks, winter and night battles, the British forces, Italians and much much more. We also included all tools on the CD along with all original project files.

The price isn't fixed yet but it looks like $29.95 for USA and DM 49.95 for Germany, other countries for comparable prices. Preorders cant be taken yet, but I will post a link as soon as we got a partner selling online.

Q: Will original owners be able to upgrade to version 1.1?

A: Yes, a patch will be available online and replace both original patches 1.07 and 1.08 to update to 1.1

Q: Will we get access to the bonus CD when we own the original version?

A: Certainly, we will post the contents online for you to download.

Q: What's new in 1.1?

A: All features of course of prior versions and some minor fixes like Multiplayer Realism Panel fixed, Joystick reassign fixed and you can now self destruct your own tank. We also included a new mod enabler which makes it VERY easy to activate the various mods. We set the version to 1.1 to prevent any mix-ups with version numbers.




NEWSFLASH: 8/16/01

Panzer Elite to be Re-released!

According to mastermind game designer Teut Weidemann:

We are relaunching the game end of this year.

The version will have 2 CD's, one CD as you know it, the most current version of PE (1.08 with some minor enhancements), the other one will have:

- Scenario Editor
- Object Editor
- all Project files
- Mods of the community
- Panzer Elite Source Code (not final if this will be included)

Stay tuned more more info!



NEWSFLASH:  7/27/01

Steel Beasts Patch 1.17 Released


eSim Games support of the best selling tanksim Steel Beasts continues with a new patch. This patch adds over two dozen new features, including customizable ammunition load-outs, a more accurate gunnery model for the M1A1, improved infantry AI, and much more.  Check DOWNLOADS to pick it up.



NEWSFLASH: 6/23/01

Steel Beasts.com and Tanksim.com have teamed up to concentrate chat power! Eric "RnR" Myers, the SB.com admin asked Cosmo to consider sharing the chat application he was preparing. Since the goal at Tanksim.com is to furnish the player the best resources possible, we readily agreed. Besides, Eric has already done the hard work!

Ready to get down and dirty with Steel Beasts online? Head over to the SB Chat Room now!



NEWSFLASH: 6/21/01

MAK Technologies informed Tanksim.com that they have made changes to the Spearhead server. It is necessary for Spearhead players to make a small change in their spearhead.ini file in order to connect to the lobby server:



NEWSFLASH: 5/11/01

Steel Beasts Patch 1.15 Released


Sunnyvale, CA, May 11, 2001, eSim Games announced today that the latest patch for Steel Beasts (non-retail version), is now available for download at their web site (http://www.esimgames.com). Patch 1.15 fixes over two-dozen small problems, and adds over a dozen new features, including passwords for mission editing, and custom text messages for events. A complete list of fixes and new features can be found at eSim Games' web site, as well as in the ReadMe file included in the patch.

The upcoming retail version of Steel Beasts, released through Strategy First Inc. (www.strategyfirst.com), includes all the fixes and new features contained in this patch.  Therefore, players who buy the retail copy will not require this patch.


NEWSFLASH: 4/26/01
Strategy First to send SB to Retail!

Steel Beasts makes its retail debut thanks to Strategy First


Montreal, Quebec. April 26th, 2001 - Strategy First Inc. (www.strategyfirst.com) and eSim Games (www.esimgames.com) announced today that they have signed a worldwide retail publishing agreement for Steel Beasts, making it the first time that the game will be available in retail stores.

"Strategy First is thrilled to be bringing this terrific title to market," says Steve Wall, V.P., Business Development. "We felt it was a shame that the majority of consumers couldn't get their hands on this excellent game, so we did something about it!"

"eSim Games is very happy with the partnership, " says Al Delaney, owner of eSim Games. "We’ve known Strategy First for quite some time, and I think this is a good fit. We’re also excited about making Steel Beasts more easily accessible, and more widely known."

Steel Beasts is a detailed PC-based simulator of modern mechanized warfare, centered around two of the world’s most awesome main battle tanks: the US’s M1A1 Abrams, and Germany’s Leopard 2A4. Players can experience all the sights and sounds of modern armored combat from the gunner’s or tank commander’s position, as well as the challenges of tactical planning and decision making from a powerful map view. In addition, multiplayer support allows any mission to be played over a network with any cooperative or competitive style of play, including multiple players in a single tank.

Steel Beasts was awarded "Best PC Simulation of 2000" by PC Gamer Magazine, Computer Games Magazine, SimHQ.com, GamePen and Wargamer. It has also received multiple Editor's Choice awards (Tanksim.com's Big Blast Award--ed.)), and is in use at the US Military Academy (West Point) to help train future armor officers. Steel Beasts is a must-buy for any tank sim fan!

Scheduled for release in May 2001, Steel Beasts will be distributed throughout North America by Infogrames and in Europe by our other worldwide partners.



Sunnyvale, CA March 7, 2001 -  Software developer eSim Games announced today
that is offering a special program for Steel Beasts customers who would like
to buy the latest version of the user's manual.

"We've had a lot of requests for the new manual from customers who bought
Steel Beasts through our former publisher," said Al Delaney, owner of eSim
Games. "Those  customers can now buy the new manual for a small fee that
covers the cost of production, shipping and handling." Details of the
program can be found on eSim Games' web site (http://www.esimgames.com).

For more information, please contact:
Alexander Delaney
PO Box 4443
Mountain View, CA  94040

NEWSFLASH: 2/25/01


Sunnyvale, CA February 26, 2001 - Software developer eSim Games announced today that it has terminated its agreement with publisher Shrapnel Games and will instead sell its award-winning tank simulator, Steel Beasts, on the eSim web site (http://www.esimgames.com).

Al Delaney, owner of eSim Games, announced that orders for the game will continue to be taken online, but now from the eSim web site The company has also improved production quality and reduced shipping charges to better serve their customers.

"We're shipping the latest version of Steel Beasts with an updated and expanded manual," Delaney said. "We think our customers will be very pleased with these improvements."

Version 1.14 is the second update for Steel Beasts, which is a detailed PC-based simulator of the M1A1 and Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks. Each update has introduced new features as well as improved performance. Steel Beasts was awarded "Best PC Simulation of 2000" by PC Gamer, SimHQ.com, GamePen and Wargamer. It has also received multiple Editor's Choice awards, and is in use at the US Military Academy (West Point) to help train future US Army armor officers and other students.

eSim Games, located in Sunnyvale, California, creates highly accurate, affordable simulators for the personal computer, which can be used by both civilians for entertainment purposes, and by the military as an inexpensive training tool. Steel Beasts is its first product, and work on Steel Beasts 2 will begin shortly, with an expected completion date in the winter of 2001.

For more information, please contact: Alexander Delaney PO Box 4443 Mountain View, CA 94040 delaney@esimgames.com


Steel Beasts patch v1.14  is out. Check the DOWNLOADS section for more info.



NEWSFLASH: 1/31/01
Computer Simulation Games reports that Steel Beasts II is in the planning stage. "We will be working on SB2 very shortly now, which will include an upgraded graphics engine as one of the main features."


bullet   Go to Computer Simulation Games for the full scoop!



NEWSFLASH: 12/19/00 
Wing Simulations announced a As this is a preliminary test it is possible that you need to reinstall Panzer Elite. Note that this patch requires Version 1.07 to work.


bullet   Go to Wings Simulations to get the Panzer Elite Test Patch 1.08



NEWSFLASH: 11/14/00 
The first patch from e*Sim for Steel Beasts is now available and it's a whopper, fixing a ton of small details, adding new vehicles: Jaguar2, BMD2, BTR80, MTLB, Humvee, and generally enhancing the accuracy and playability of the sim. Fixes include:

bullet   AI TC .50 cal aiming problem fixed. 
bullet   MP algorithm has been tweaked (mainly between TC and Gunner in same tank) 
bullet   LOS through forests has been tweaked (fixed) 
bullet   In MP game with remote human TC, enemy detection by (phantom) AI TC is won't happen anymore. 
bullet   The smoke generator now cannot be turned on when the engine is turned off. 
bullet   Stats from MP games are now logged to the player's records screen (if the player used the default name). 
bullet   Info on dead vehicles is sent across the net in MP now (in case they are pushed around). 
bullet   Initial stab damage (set in mission editor) stays damaged permanently (i.e., won't be repaired). - If a player loses a connection (in MP), control of his tanks will pass to another player. 
bullet   In Scoring Formula: Mission Time > (<) now works correctly. 
bullet   Leopard peri override has been improved. No more jitter with low frame rates. 
bullet   Lase button from Leo's peri in KW mode no longer sets waypoint. 
bullet   Mine fields can no longer be selected and moved in the planning phase. 
bullet   Added new vehicles: Jaguar2, BMD2, BTR80, MTLB, Humvee. 
bullet   Added Danish text and speech 
bullet   Minimum arty delay revised (lengthened): 1:20 for spotter call, and 2:30 otherwise. (M113FO and FISTV have spotting capabilities, as well as all CO AND XO vehicles. 
bullet   In MP, a tank with killed TC and/or gunner will limit the number of crew position for players. If TC and gunner are both killed, nobody can man the tank. 
bullet   Scroll bar added to debrief info box. 
bullet   TC should take a little longer to detect targets.

To get this patch, visit the DOWNLOADS section




NEWSFLASH: 10/30/00 
Shrapnel Games announced today that the second printing of Steel Beasts is now ready to ship. The game has been on backorder since October 17th. All current backorders will ship by end of business tomorrow.

Tim Brooks, President of Shrapnel Games, said, "We are making a strong effort to ship all current backorders by October 31st. The orders kept coming in strong while the product was in it's second printing, but we have added temporary help to get all orders out by end of business tomorrow. Steel Beasts is definitely a hit with the sim crowd! We apologize to all our customers for the delays involved in printing the second run."



NEWSFLASH: 10/17/00 

Steel Beasts has posted an unprecedented string of positive reviews. The latest from IntelGamer is here!




NEWSFLASH: 9/21/00 

Steel Beasts is scoring big with players worldwide. Three weeks after the retail release, the  consensus is quite favorable. We checked with e*Sim about the timing of the first enhancement patch and here's what they had to say.


Thanks so much for your help! 

As for news, we'll be posting a patch/upgrade in early October. I can give you more information about what will be in it in another week or so.

Thanks again!

Steel Beasts designer




NEWSFLASH: 9/7/00 

Tanksim.com is proud to welcome our newest additions to the staff.


Joe "Shadow" Duckworth - Steel Beasts Administrator - Shadow will be running the Steel Beasts Assembly Area, a new wing to TSC.  He has a chat room running 24/7 where you can see who's up for a game. He also will be collecting resources for SB, such as maps, skins, scenarios, and tips.


Jim Jensen - Spearhead Administrator - Jim is an experienced Spearhead man. He has volunteered to craft more missions and keep TSC up to date on any future developments.

Want to be part of the Tanksim.com team? We could always use writers, mission designers, and newshounds. If you would like to assist us and be part of a growing, dynamic hobby, drop us a line




NEWSFLASH: 8/23/00 

Steel Beasts took a three day delay a problem with the printer/manual. SimHQ now reports that SB is shipping now, Aug 25, with all orders projected to ship by Monday, Aug. 28. 




NEWSFLASH: 8/18/00 

Steel Beasts review by SimHQ

By the two old hands John "Spoons" Sponauer and Michael "Col Sabot" McConnell. It offers a fair view of what to expect from the latest and greatest modern tanksim.





Steel beasts has gone "gold", meaning it is being manufactured now with a shipping date set for August 22, 2000!  Order your copy today and be the first on your block to take command of the M1A1 or Leopard 2A4.

Review upcoming!



NEWSFLASH: 7/21/00

Shrapnel Games and developer eSim Games announced the updated Gold date for Steel Beasts as August 4th. The new Gold will incorporate additional features including new vehicle models such as variations on the M113 and BRDM3.

Steel Beasts is a tank simulation set in modern times that allows you to take it to the former Warsaw Pact forces in either the M1A1 or the Leopard 2A4. Included with this are modeling for artillery, smoke, mine fields, and much more. To round out the package you will be able to play the game versus others with full multiplayer support and design your own maps and missions with the included editors.

Tim Brooks, President of Shrapnel Games, said, "We have had a lot of people contact us who are anxiously awaiting the Steel Beasts Gold date. We made a conscious decision to wait on Gold rather than rush the product to market. This will be the premier tank sim for many years to come and we wanted certain features in place. The delay has allowed us time for extra testing as well as to add some enhancements such as vehicles. Al Delaney, the designer of Steel Beasts, has done an excellent job in incorporating additional elements in a short time. We hope the tank sim fans out there understand and can accept the delay."

Shrapnel Games plans on shipping the final version starting on August 21st. 

Links:  e*Sim - developer

Shrapnel - publisher

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